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Vegan-friendly cities in Europe

Europe may be a bit of a slow burner when it comes to the vegan scene. However this meat and dairy-rich Continent is catching up with the World where the norm is brie and bratwurst. Ordering a vegan ho tdog may not be as awkward as it was 10 years ago.

Top city in Europe for Vegan-friendly restaurants in Europe?


with 335 vegan-friendly eateries.

There is not surprise that London would be number one, having such a diverse population.

From Pizza to Paella, Vietnamese noodle bowls to Vindaloo's. You can enjoy a scrumptious vegan meal pretty easily in this city.


with 290 vegan-friendly eateries

You are never more that 3 miles away from having some amazing food. They have vegan doner kebabs to fine art.


with 48 vegan-friendly eateries

Vegfest has added Glasgow to its port of call...


with 83 vegan-friendly eateries

Prague is so cheap you could pretty much eat your way to breaking point!


with 140 vegan-friendly eateries

Amsterdam is very well known for its "plant based" products, but food their "plant based foods" are also widely being talked about!


with 196 vegan-friendly eateries

Now this one shocked me! I have taken my mother to Paris twice, she is vegetarian, and I struggled to find anywhere that had a decent thing on the menu for her (to be fair, she is the fussiest veggie going). But after careful investigating, it would appear, we were looking in all the wrong places. They even have (the vegetarian butcher) to help you find your ideal dish!

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