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Pay Monthly Holidays

If you have your heart set on one of our holidays, our direct debit scheme will help you to get there.

Setting up a direct debit with Hays Travel / SQ Travel is straightforward. Our team of travel experts are always on hand too should you need any guidance when arranging a direct debit, or on booking a pay monthly holiday, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


Pay Monthly Holidays FAQ 


How much does a repayment plan cost? 

The total of your repayment plan is calculated based upon the value of the holiday, and the cost is the deposit you’ve paid plus the remaining balance divided up by months.

Are all destinations included in the buy now pay later holidays option? 

Yes, all of our holiday destinations are included when booking with the buy now pay later option.

What do the credit checks involve when opting for a pay monthly holiday?

As it is a payment plan, we don’t carry out any checks, we simply arrange each payment date on behalf of the customer.

How long in advance do I need to book to use the pay monthly scheme?

Your booking must be made at least 6 months in advance of travelling if you would like to use our pay monthly plan.

Can I choose when I pay my last monthly instalment? 

To ensure that your holiday plans all run smoothly, Hays Travel / SQ Travel will set a date by which the last payment should be made ahead of your departure date. We will inform you of this date within your booking confirmation, allowing you to keep a track of instalments.

How long do the payment plans run and can I choose how many instalments I’ll pay? 

Your holiday payment plan will begin on the day upon booking your break, until 6 weeks before your departure date. Hays Travel / SQ Travel will calculate how many instalments you’ll pay depending on your budget and the date that you’re due to travel. This way, you can keep track of when each payment is due in advance.

How is my deposit calculated and are low deposits accepted when booking a pay monthly holiday?

The deposit amount you’ll pay is decided by your travel operator. We’re pleased to be able to offer low deposits on our pay monthly holidays. We offer some of our most popular destinations as low deposit holidays, so get inspired and make your budget travel further with our range of options.

Why choose Hays Travel / SQ Travel pay monthly holidays?

As part of the UK’s largest independent travel agent, we’ve got a wealth of experience in giving our customers' the holiday of a lifetime. Our 99% customer satisfaction rate is testament to the service we offer, so your break is in the hands of our expert team at all times. We’ve made sure that our pay monthly plans are financially secure, giving you peace of mind in the run up to your getaway.

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