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Some helpful tips for travelling

Some of these may seem obvious, but just a refresher

1. Make a list! – I always make a list about a week before I travel of things, I know I will forget. Such as, Adapter plugs, speakers, tea bags (I’m fussy)

2. Be Flexible – Try not to get upset when things don’t go according to plan, or a flight is delayed. Patience is extremely important when travelling. Screaming in someone’s face is not going to resolve anything.

3. Learn some common phases of the local language – A simple “Please”, “Thank You”, etc goes a long way. I also learn “Large beer please” but that’s just me!

Spanish – Cerveza grande por favor

French – grande bière s'il vous plaît

German – Grosses bier bitte

4. Buy toiletries in destination. Not only will this help speed up security with having no liquids, but it will also make your carry on a lot lighter (unless there is that miracle cream, you simply cannot go without.

5. Let your bank or credit card company know your travel plans – there is nothing worse than your card declining in a foreign country with a big-time difference to the UK.

6. Keep an open mind – Do not judge other customs. You are the visitor so be respectful.

7. Don’t over plan every detail, just learn to go with the flow

8. Pack earplugs, you might not get that “quiet room” you requested.

9. Buy your travel insurance when you buy your holiday or near after.

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