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Greece removes quarantine rule for tourists with Covid

Greece has removed its quarantine rule for tourists who test positive for Covid while in the country.

The destination previously required any holidaymaker who tested positive for the virus to self-isolate for five days at a designated quarantine hotel.

However, the Greek government has now ruled quarantine hotel rooms are no longer mandatory, so travellers who become infected are not required to self-isolate.

It will be up to each tourist to decide whether they wish to remain in self-isolation.

Additionally, infected tourists will be able to travel by public transport, including via plane or ferry, as long as they wear a FFP2 or KN95 face mask.

Epidemiologist Christos Hatzichristodoulou said Greece was removing the rules to align its Covid restrictions with the rest of northern Europe.

He told Greek website Protagon: “There was a lot of discussion about how to manage outbreaks in tourist accommodation and we decided to apply what applies to the rest of the Mediterranean countries, because the majority of countries in northern Europe do not have any measures at all to protect against the coronavirus.”

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